About Us.

Who We Are

We are a worldwide organisation that provides millions of people with access to social amenities.

ChabadAid is committed to ensuring the aid of both adults & children.

We have dedicated our time and resources to helping people and we are majorly focused on the West African region – Nigeria, providing the less privileged with the amenities they require.

Our efforts are supported by multiple organizations and individuals who provide us with resources and financial support to carry out our projects.

Our Core programs

What makes us different?

Chabad Aid comprises people of different cultures putting together their skills and resources to help those in need.

By living here in Nigeria, Rabbi Israel & Wife Haya, are directly in touch with the needs of the people & can provide direct impact and improve people’s lives.

Ending Hunger

The current hunger situation is a general concern to us all & we support the people living under starvation, we provide food and other materials to children and adults facing this challenge.

Education Transformed

We have created avenues for children in rural areas to have access to high standard education by building schools, providing school materials and ensuring the teachers are encouraged in their duties.

Youth Empowerment

Youth development is a prominent pillar in our structure, we have created jobs, taught soft skills to help young individuals achieve their goals using their natural talents in their daily activities. 

128K Children & adults served

13+ years of service

3 branches in Nigeria

67+ Programs in Nigeria

Give Money.

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life today?

Visit our numerous programs to make a donation to support our efforts of making the world a better place. 

Give Time.

Share your time, Get involved
with community service.

Join our community of individuals by devoting little of your time and helping out a family or person in need.