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Bank of America
Account Number: 483090648853
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As our first Hope Center classes graduated, we quickly realized that students, after completing their education, had nowhere to go. Most business owners refuse to hire special needs employees, so adults often end up begging on the streets or terminally unemployed, becoming a big financial burden on their families. Enter Hopeworks. The employment program for Hope Center graduates offers alumni attractive opportunities—including a trade school and job placement in 3 different fields. The result is a sustainable system where profits are put to work.

Candle making factory

  • 5,000 candles produced per day

  • 10 special needs employees and 25 staff

  • Candles are sold daily at the local market

Detergent factory

  • Produces 5,000 liters a month

  • Cleaning products sold daily at local markets

  • 10 special needs employees and 25 staff

Chicken farm

  • Produces 200 chickens per week

  • Chickens are sold daily at local markets.